Solutions to EMC and Environmental tests.

Labotech International inherits the techniques and know-how of EMC tests and countermeasures from the company which has been developing the marine electronics equipment and systems for over 60 years. As an independent, fair and square laboratory, we are proud to assist you in producing safe and reliable products.
Labotech International is the testing laboratory accredited by JAB (Japan), FCC (America), and also listed by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd., DNV-GL (Norway), Telefication (Netherlands) according to ISO/IEC 17025.

EMC tests

Assist in conforming your products to the international standards and in solving EMC problems.

Emission tests

Performs tests for unwanted electromagnetic emissions from an EUT and conducted emissions into the power supply lines.

Immunity tests

Performs tests to determine that an EUT gives intended performance when subjected to disturbances or interfering signals.

Screened room

Performs tests for ESD, transient and surge on the power, signal and control lines.

Environmental tests

Advise you how to improve quality and reliability of your products, leading to sales increase and cost-effective projects.

Vibratin/Shock tests

Performs vibration, shock, and bump tests to various standards.

Climatic tests

Performs cold, dry heat, damp heat, combined cold/low air pressure tests.

Waterproof test

Performs tests for protection levels 2, 5, and 6.

Drop test

Performs vertical impact test by dropping an item of 100 kg max.

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