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Labotech International is certified by:

Japan Accreditation Board Japan Accreditation Board
Certificate (EMC Center)
Certificate (Kishu Lab.)
EMC/Environemental/Radio equipment laboratory
Assignment number: RTL03220
Date of initial certification: 14 January 2011
FCC (USA) FCC (USA) Certificate
EMC laboratory
Designation number: JP2007
Test firm Registration: 838049
Date of initial certification: 23 May 2011
A2LA(USA) A2LA (USA) Certificate
EMC/Radio equipment laboratory
Designation number: 5241.01
Date of initial certification: 17 July 2019
Radio equipment laboratory
Designation number: JP0012
Date of initial certification: 24 July 2019
TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd. TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.Certificate
EMC laboratory
Assignment number: UA 50046428
Date of initial certification: 21 December 1998
DNV-GL (Norway) DNV-GL (Norway) Certificate
IEC 60945/IEC 61162/IEC 62288/IEC 62388/IEC 62252 Laboratory
Assignment number: 262.1-015854-J-12
Date of initial certification: 12 July 2013
Telefication (Netherlands) Telefication (Netherlands) Certificate
IEC 60945/IEC 61162 Laboratory
Assignment number: L116
Date of initial certification: 26 July 1999
RMRS (Russia) RMRS (Russia) Recognition Certificate
EMC/Environment Laboratory
Assignment number: 17.13259.170
Date of initial certification: 27 January 2009
RRR (Russia) RRR (Russia) Recognition Certificate
EMC/Environment Laboratory
Certificate number: 132366
Date of initial certification: 31 May 2013
CCS(China) CCS(China) Registration
Marine electric/electronic equipment / IEC 60945 laboratory
Certificate number: DB15S00001
Date of initial registration: 29 January 2014
VCCI (Japan) VCCI (Japan)
Certificate (EMC Center/Nishinomiya-Hama)
Registration number: A-0030
Certificate (Kishu Lab.)
Registration number: A-0317
Date of initial registration: 8 November 1997
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Japan) Registered Inspection Company
Registration number: Kin-Dai 0028
Date of initial registration: 19 July 1999
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